Our team and customer focus

The team is the foundation of our success and allows us to build pillars of solid growth, responding to the demands of the value chain. The end customer is our guide: ORANGE SAFT trust that has developed working alongside producers is essential to continue innovating.

ORANGE SAFT Cornerstone is people and therefore a motivating work environment that encourages the development of new proposals, ideas and solutions.

If anything defines ORANGE SAF is its open nature and cultural diversity, supporting each other to overcome any challenge and proud feeling of individual contributions to the success of the company. So we encourage our team to develop their capabilities to the fullest, be aware of their potential and give the best.

Only a specialized team in different areas – regulatory, technical, commercial marketing, logistics and customer service – we can fully meet the demands of the different levels of the value chain. We also have a distribution network to which we entrust the shipment of our products and support to the end customer.

Our work pay attention on listening to each client and to achieve specific objectives: to support end customers with a service in line with their needs; reliability and adaptability of our solutions; offer our end customers and distributors the opportunity to innovate and differentiate, grow us. Our way of working allows us to gain confidence through clarity, transparency, innovation and international vision.