Quality control

In ORANGE SAFT we have both human and equipment potential those enable us to test all raw materials and inputs to exclude the negative or low quality one, which may contain harmful heavy metals or radioactive elements which might be hazardous for plants or humaneness.

From the beginning, quality control starts from the receptions of the raw materials to assure that we start with the optimum conditions of productions processes and to assure that our providers are giving us the same quality.

Guidance and correction the course of production through measurements for all elements during the manufacturing process, within the production lines until it reaches the final product stores.

Our Quality Control Department checks all the processes of manufacturing and the quality of the finished products to guarantee their reliability of characteristics to the international standards, to fulfil the desired of our clients.

Our Quality Control Department gives continuous assistance to Manufacturing and I+D Departments to assure from the characteristics of each product before disseminating to users, and to help in developing products and processes on manufacturing.

Our Quality Control Department retains samples of each produced batch, date of manufacture, labelled with lot number   and concentration of various elements. So, it can be refereed to when any problem facing any product in the market within six months.