Balanced fertilization treatment must take account of all the nutritional requirements of the plant (macro, meso and micro-elements), since the lack of any element can have adverse effects on the outcome of the harvest. The supply of nutrients through the leaves must be considered a complementary practice to treatment via traditional soil fertilization; therefore it cannot be considered as a substitute.

Foliar fertilization is essential to reinforce the plant or help in times of need, need or stress.

The balanced combination of contributions via soil and foliar provides the best results on the quality of the fruits and plants. The reason for exposing all in one guide recommended products does not, fortunately, have to use them all. The choice depends on the needs of the plot and the conditions of the year and, especially, the weather.

Properties of special fertilizers ORANGE SAFT:

Special fertilizer products ORANGE SAFT are designed for recommended application, foliar or root, as they are free of chlorides or other potentially phyto-toxic substances. They are easily assimilated by special additives in the formulation. They can be mixed with the most common pesticides. They also have a regulatory effect on the pH of broth (about 5.5 to 6), which is ideal for mixing with most crop protection.