Line bioestimulants

Products that promote and enhance plant metabolism, they consist of nutrient rich in potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, amino acids, polysaccharides, peptides and / or humic acids which improve performance, growth and crop quality.

STYM/BIOENERGI products are developed from the enzymatic hydrolysis of protein substances of plant foliar and root application, therefore possess the most used in the biosynthesis of plants in the most appropriate and suitable amino acid ratios for this purpose.

For its plant and its manufacturing process in developing STYM/BIOENERGI not contain residual antibiotic substances from fermentation processes or heavy metals and chlorides. This means they do not produce phyto-toxicity being applied even in the most critical growth stages. STYM/BIOENERGI also form the foundation of a line of products enriched with trace elements, created to address the various shortcomings of crops.

Complex trace nutrients are achieved by establishing STYM/BIOENERGI organic links between the metal ions, GLUCONIC acid and amino acids of vegetable origin. These complexes are completely soluble in water and its structure is stable even in an alkaline environment, thus they do not form at the time of application salts or insoluble hydroxides.

In the complex nutritious STYM/BIOENERGI all its components are exploited in the biological cycles of the plant, optimizing nutritional process and quickly restoring balance.

STYM/BIOENERGI amino acids are rapidly absorbed stomata level penetrate cell walls and within hours metabolic processes involved in promoting plants during periods of stress of any kind.

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