Line Soluble NPK Fertilizers

ORANGE SAFT bet on fertigation with HIDRO FEED, line of water-soluble fertilizers compound containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium and chelated micronutrients with EDTA and entirely soluble in water, which facilitates plant nutrition to farmers. It is called Fertigation the application of nutrients through irrigation systems, incorporating water soluble fertilizers in the irrigation water and facilitating the integration and harmonization between the demand for water and nutrients for plants.

The use of Fertigation involves providing an adequate amount of water and nutrients directly to the root zone of the plant, to meand demand during the various stages of development. The rate of daily application of nutrients through fertigationx is changing throughout the period of crop development and is planned to follow the daily demand of the plant according to their rate of absorption of nutrients.

The use of HIDRO FEED facilitates the contribution of plant nutrients through the irrigation system as it is a entirely soluble NPK Irontilizer in water, formulated to provide complande nutrition to the plant throughout its development cycle. HIDRO FEED have a wide range of formulas and compositions that meand the needs of the plants with all types of cropping system. Its use provides a saving in time and effort in preparing and exact composition of the nutrient solution without mistakes, not producing waste or loss of expensive raw materials.

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